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Builders of

Good Citizenship


Civitan offers an organized way for caring individuals to make a difference in the local community while experiencing personal growth.


​​Civitans are dedicated to improving their communities through helping others, especially those who are mentally or physically disabled.  On the international level, Civitan funds the Civitan International Research Center, a center for research and treatment of developmental disabilities, Alzheimer's disease and brain tumors.  On the local level, Civitans have the flexibility to be involved in a variety of service projects to help residents of our community.  Here are just a few of there community service projects which you may participate in:

  • Clergy Appreciation Luncheon

  • Special Education Teacher Recognition

  • Junior Civitan

  • Creative Enterprises

  • Summertime Ice Cream Party

  • Pizza Parties for Special Education Classes

  • Night of Fun Themed Parties for Adults with Disabilities

  • Cougar Corner Clothes Closet

  • Civitan Awareness Receptions

Fundraiser Beneficiaries

  • College​ Scholarships

  • Civitan International Research Center

  • Miracle League

  • Special Olympics

  • Treat The Troops

  • Creative Enterprise

  • Camp Big Heart


Civitans seek to be more informed about their communities and improve themselves. Civitan programs range from community issues addressed by local government, business and charitable leaders to personal and professional development seminars. Through information programs we learn about the needs of the community, and as concerned community leaders, Civitan focus their efforts on deserving causes.

Civitan also provides opportunities for personal growth.  The chance to be a chairman of an event provides the individual with better organization skills, project manager and leadership skills. The chance to hold one of the various offices in the club includes Newsletter Editor, Sergeant at Arms, Chaplain, Secretary, Treasurer, Club Education Manager, President give you lasting experience in leadership, financial, writing and speaking skills that benefit you in your personal and business life.

Although networking is not a direct focus, Civitan provides a network of business and personal associates.  Civitans do business with each other in times of need.


The District of Civitan International provides knowledge opportunities as well.  Seminars including recruitment, youth development, officer training are offered during the various District Meetings and annual convention.  These travel opportunities allow members to gain knowledge while meeting individuals throughout the west.


Fellowship is an important part of a growing, productive service club, and Civitan offers its members many opportunities to socialize, meet new friends and network with business associates.  Working together on club projects is fun and there is always time to enjoy the company of other members and guests at club meetings, but throughout the year Civitan plans special evenings just for members and guests and just for fun.  Here is an example of some of Civitan's Fellowship Activities:

  • Club meetings

  • Picnic

  • Socials

  • District and Regional Meetings

  • District Convention

  • International Convention

  • Annual Installation and Awards Banquet

  • Before and After (Service Project) Fellowship

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